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About us

BASECAMP — it is the starting point from which any route begins. The place where you will find the necessary travel equipment to achieve the most daring goals. 


Who are we?

We are a Ukrainian manufacturer of specialized equipment for all types of tourism, camping and just relaxing in nature. And our entire team consists of people who cannot imagine their life without traveling and various active sports. Here you will find everything you need for your travels, and like-minded people from whom you can get expert advice on equipment and tourism.


What are we doing?

We took all the best from world manufacturers of tourist equipment and created our own enterprise in Ukraine. 


What are our advantages? 

Equipment with the quality of world leaders, but much cheaper! We have created all the conditions so that you can purchase quality equipment for tourism made in Ukraine. We started with the basic things that are necessary for a comfortable rest in nature. That is, you can already buy camping chairs, folding tourist mats, sleeping bags, tents and much more on our website.

Support local production and buy things made in Ukraine.

Who are we working for?

You have the opportunity to create a brand together with us, which will collect all the necessary things for tourism and any active sports. Thanks to your feedback, we will refine and improve our production. 

You — this is our inspiration and motivation to create a quality and cool product. So write to our consultants in the chat, what you like or don't like in our store, what products are missing, etc. Based on your needs, we will draw conclusions about what exactly active users of travel equipment need. But we will do everything to become better for you.

We care about our customers, so we guarantee the impeccable quality of all products.

Our goal is to introduce you to adventure and extreme. With us, you will immerse yourself in the world of skiing, discover the charms of all types of tourism, and learn what a comfortable vacation in nature is. 

Join us and discover incredible opportunities and talents in the world of Outdoor!


We care about your privacy

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