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Care products for clothes and shoes from Base Camp

The main advantage of tourist clothing – this is its manufacturability. Quick removal of moisture, the ability not to accumulate unpleasant odors, protection from ultraviolet radiation – These and many other functions are performed by our clothing for tourism. But in order for it to work effectively and serve us for as long as possible, such clothes require appropriate care. But how to properly wash hiking pants and jackets? Base Camp detergents are specially formulated to care for different types of industrial fibers. In addition, Base Camp laundry detergents do not clog pores, care for fabrics and take care of your clothes.

Why is proper care of travel clothing important?

The task of any clothing – create comfort for the body. In addition, tourist clothing protects from bad weather and regulates the microclimate on the surface of the body. In difficult conditions of hiking and climbing, clothing for tourism should protect against moisture, rain, strong gusts of wind, and in the heat – protect from overheating, scorching sun and quickly remove moisture.

To ensure long-lasting performance of trekking clothing, it is important to buy Base Camp detergents. Properly selected care provides:

  • Softness of thermal underwear fibers;
  • Maintaining breathability of materials after many washing cycles;
  • Effective operation of membrane clothing for many seasons;
  • Removal of complex contaminants, such as from berries, grass, etc.

Conventional powder-type detergents are difficult to wash out of fabrics. They accumulate on fibers and reduce the efficiency of technologies and impregnation. In addition, the pores in membrane clothing become clogged, and it stops “working.” – protection from rain and wind remains, but the main advantage of such clothing, breathability, is destroyed.

Before washing thermal underwear, pay attention to its processing. This may be the use of silver ions or Polygiene, HeiQ Fresh, Sanitized Silver technology, which are designed to prevent the growth of bacteria on the surface of the fibers, which in turn prevents the occurrence of unpleasant odors. Conventional detergents "wash" Such technologies and clothing lose their functionality.

Features of Base Camp clothing care products

The young Ukrainian brand Base Camp offers different types of detergents for the care of different types of fibers, from wool care to membrane clothing.

  • BaseCamp Base Wash, designed for washing thermal underwear and sportswear. Effectively removes difficult stains, removes sweat and sebum. The main advantage – biocide included in its composition. Thanks to its presence, clothes remain fresh for a long time and do not accumulate the smell of sweat. BaseCamp Base Wash detergent can be purchased in two versions – in bottles of 250 ml and 1000 ml.
  • BaseCamp Membrane Wash effectively washes away dirt on membrane clothing. After washing with this product, the membrane retains its characteristics, does not become clogged with detergent and does not lose freshness for a long time. Unlike powdered detergents, the gel quickly dissolves in water, is easy to rinse and does not harm the breathability function of tourist outerwear. In addition, if you were wondering how to wash trekking shoes, then this gel is the ideal solution. It is suitable for all types of membranes. The manufacturer offers to buy BaseCamp Membrane Wash gel in 250 and 1000 ml bottles.
  • Detergent for washing wool BaseCamp Wool Wash, specially developed for delicate fabrics and woolen clothing. The gel softens the fibers, makes them smoother, and prevents the formation of pellets. In addition, the formula based on nonionic surfactants <15% and biocide deeply cleanses and cares for the fabric. One of the advantages of this detergent – This is an easy rinsing of detergents from the surface of the fibers. On the one hand, this saves water, and on the other – thus the manufacturer is concerned about the environment. BaseCamp Wool Wash gel can be purchased in 250 and 1000 ml bottles.
  • Gel concentrate for removing stubborn stains, BaseCamp Textile Deep is excellent as a universal detergent. With its help, you can easily remove stains from berries, grass, fat, and sweat. Thanks to the active formula, even a small amount of the product can remove complex stains. The gel is suitable for natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, as well as synthetic materials and mixed fiber fabrics (except wool and silk).

Care for hiking and sports shoes

After a hike, workout, and daily use, it's not just your clothes that need care. It is not necessary to wash sports and trekking shoes after every use. If you are wondering how to care for trekking shoes – Here's some advice, you need to buy odor neutralizer spray for BaseCamp shoes. He:

  • neutralizes unpleasant odors;
  • destroys microbes on the inner surface of shoes, thereby preventing the formation of new odors;
  • reduces the need for frequent washing of shoes, which in turn extends their service life.

The spray is made on the basis of biocides and amphoteric surfactants. This formula helps eliminate odors and prolongs the freshness of boots for a long time. For high-quality shoe care, we recommend purchasing BaseCamp odor neutralizer spray and treating your shoes with it if necessary.

Where to buy Base Camp clothing care products in Ukraine?

A wide range of products from the Ukrainian manufacturer BaseCamp is presented on our website. Camping furniture, tourist mats, repellents and much more you can order online.

Clothing and shoe care products deserve special attention. Before you buy gels and concentrates for the care of tourist clothing and shoes, you should decide on their purpose. The manufacturer offers separate care for thermal underwear, membrane materials and wool.

Our consultants will help with choosing the optimal product, placing an order, and delivery services will deliver your purchase as soon as possible to any city in Ukraine.


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