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Sleeping mats

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BaseCamp travel mats

The list of things for a novice tourist is headed by a sleeping set, which includes a travel mat and a sleeping bag. It is without them that not a single overnight stay in nature is complete. Whether it's camping or a challenging climb, you should definitely bring foam and a sleeping bag. They will provide you with warmth and comfort while you relax


Main tasks of BaseCamp mats

Folding mattress BaseCamp – This is not only a mandatory piece of equipment. This is also your comfort, safety and health. After all, classic foam performs several tasks at once on a hike:

  • Provides comfort. Due to their thickness, foam mats smooth out uneven surfaces on which you have to sleep and compensate for terrain features. If there are stones or small branches under your tent, then the BaseCamp travel mat, thanks to its wavy structure, will perfectly level your sleeping area.
  • Protects from cold. The main indicator used when choosing a rug for tourism is – This is the R-value. This is the rate at which the mat transmits heat from the body. The higher this indicator, the “warmer” it is. rug. At the same time, depending on the foam structure and R-value, all mats are divided according to seasonality into winter, demi-season and summer. According to this, models from BaseCamp can be classified as demi-season or three-season. They perfectly protect from cold and moisture, but do not accumulate moisture in their structure.


BaseCamp foam structure

The main advantage of folding foams is the structure of their foam. The closed cell foam base makes the mats durable and practical. This material does not absorb moisture, air does not “flow” in it.

IXPE foam, which is the basis for accordions from BaseCamp, It is wear-resistant, and the wavy structure provides comfort. Another advantage of such foam – this is her weight. Compared to analogues from other manufacturers with the same thermal insulation, BaseCamp foam mats are much lighter, which has a positive effect on the overall weight of the equipment. This is one of the advantages why hikers choose foam for trekking and hiking.



Pros of the BaseCamp accordion

Foam mats come in two types:

  • Roll – popular among tourists in the budget segment. The foam is wear-resistant, not afraid of moisture, and, depending on its thickness, has different thermal insulation properties. The disadvantages include the bulky dimensions when folded. That is why most tourists choose roll-up mattresses mainly for camping.
  • Folding or accordion – some of the most popular options. They are conveniently packed into a case or backpack and do not take up much space. At the same time, they can be used in different formats: as a regular rug when unfolded; as a semi-folded seat; like a rug with a pillow, folding one or two sections. At the same time, BaseCamp folding accordions – This is an ideal option for camping, weekend hikes and light trekking. And one of the warmest rugs – Hunter Wide is also perfect as a rug for the Carpathians in autumn or spring.


BaseCamp mats: features of each model

BaseCamp foam mats are designed for comfortable rest in the off-season. When creating each of them, the experience of Ukrainian tourists and developments in the outdoor industry were taken into account. Therefore, today, the manufacturer offers to buy BaseCamp mats:

Legion XPE – The lightest model in the entire line. Its weight is only 245 g without a case or 308 with a case. The 1.5 cm mat has standard dimensions, making it suitable for any tent.

Tourist IXPE – stylish bright foam for those who don’t want just a green rug. Thanks to the R-value 2, it is excellent for the warm season and off-season. And on winter hikes it can be used as a bedding for self-inflating mats.

Expedition – reliable single-layer foam with foil coating. The BaseCamp foil mat is not afraid of punctures, does not accumulate moisture and protects from the cold.

Hunter Wide has increased dimensions, making it suitable for military personnel and overweight people. The thermal insulation index is 2.4, so the foam will be comfortable even during frosts.

Ranger – a basic thick rug that is appreciated by fishermen, hunters and military personnel.

Legion NEW XPE – an updated version of its older brother. Among the features of the model: the processing technology of the top layer has been changed, making it more pleasant to the touch and just as comfortable for sleeping.


Where to buy a BaseCamp foam mat in Ukraine?

The largest selection of travel equipment from the Ukrainian manufacturer BaseCamp is presented on our website. Camping furniture, sleeping mats, repellents – you can buy all this and much more online in our online store.

Professional managers will help you choose and buy a travel rug specifically for your needs, and delivery services will deliver your order to any city in Ukraine as soon as possible.


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