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Insect protection

Mosquitoes, midges and ticks – These are the main reasons for spoiled outdoor recreation. Constant buzzing above the ear, painful bites and itching – Perhaps everyone has encountered this. To protect against them, you can use traditional methods, you can buy BaseCamp repellents and not worry about the inconvenience from these pests.

Regardless of where to relax – near a pond or in the forest, mosquitoes will find you everywhere. Even in the Carpathians, where, it would seem, they should not exist, in recent years there have been more and more of them. Therefore, before setting off on an adventure, you should choose the right repellents and other types of insect protection.

What is the danger of mosquito and ticks bites?

BaseCamp repellents and fumigators protect against different types of insects – from mosquitoes, midges and ticks. These small creatures not only create discomfort during outdoor recreation, but are also carriers of various diseases. Therefore, a mosquito or tick bite can cause serious illness. For example, ordinary mosquitoes quite often bite not only people, but also livestock, thus transmitting their diseases, and ticks are usually carriers of infections. And even if the insect that bit you this time did not cause any infection, the outer protective layer of the skin is damaged and the insect’s poison enters the body. For some people, this may appear as a normal itch that goes away after a few days, while for others – this may develop into an allergic reaction. So BaseCamp sprays and creams are reliable protection in such cases. They mask human odor for insects without harming the environment.

What types of mosquito protection does BaseCamp offer?

To protect yourself from insects in nature, you need to choose the right type of protection. The BaseCamp brand has developed several different options for different conditions of use:

  • BaseCamp DEET 50 Insect Spray protects for up to 10 hours. The high content of active ingredient (DEET) and a convenient spray form allow you to create reliable protection against insects, midges and ticks. It can be used in wet conditions and is sweat resistant. Must be reapplied after swimming, showering or bathing. The manufacturer warns that it is better not to use for children under 6 years of age, pregnant women and people with sensitive skin.
  • Insect repellent spray BaseCamp DEET 35 with a lower content of active ingredient is suitable for outdoor recreation and camping. "It works" up to 10 hours and reliably protects against mosquito and tick bites. Available in two volumes – for 50 ml and 100 ml. The smaller volume is ideal for hiking and traveling with limited luggage, and the insect repellent spray BaseCamp DEET 35 100 ml – an ideal solution for a family or a company of several people.
  • Insect cream BaseCamp DEET34% Cream is developed on the basis of two active ingredients – Diethyltoluamide (Deet) and Pyrethrins. Both are designed to neutralize human body odor for insects. Thus, they simply do not feel where to fly. Protects for up to eight hours.
  • Impregnation for equipment BaseCamp MGP Spray is designed to protect against insects. The spray is based on Permethrin, which reliably neutralizes odors for mosquitoes and midges. In addition, ticks do not crawl onto impregnated equipment, so you can rest assured. Suitable for processing clothes, tents, backpacks, etc. One bottle is enough for 3 square meters of fabric. It is afraid of moisture and washing, so after each washing cycle it is important to re-process the equipment. When applying protection to equipment, it is important to let the spray dry completely.
  • Portable electric fumigator BaseCamp Max Repel will be useful not only for summer residents, but also for tourists and fishermen. The fumigator has a built-in, 9600 mAh battery and works on the basis of tablets with repellent. In addition, it can be used as a power bank.

Features of applying BaseCamp spray and cream against mosquitoes

The two most popular types of BaseCamp protection – these are BaseCamp DEET 50 spray and BaseCamp DEET 34% Cream. They are based on DEET – an active substance that prevents mosquitoes and midges from “catching” human smell. Thanks to the different percentages of DEET, you can choose protection for both difficult conditions and ordinary outdoor recreation. In addition, this makes it possible to select optimal protection for people with sensitive skin and children.

  • BaseCamp DEET 50 comes in spray form. Its main advantage – even application to the skin. If you need to protect your face, then it would be optimal to apply it on your palms, and only then on your face. The downside of sprays is the high consumption of product.
  • BaseCamp DEET 34% Cream has a creamy form. It is applied to exposed skin. It is important to avoid the area around mucous membranes. The main advantage – This is an economical expense. After application, it is important to allow the skin to absorb the cream before going outside.

BaseCamp fumigators and their advantages

Portable electric fumigator Max Repel from the BaseCamp brand – This is ideal protection against mosquitoes and midges both at home and outdoors. It is convenient to use in the country, at a campsite, while fishing. The fumigator will be indispensable on vacation with children. One of the advantages of such fumigators – their portability. Thanks to its compact size and low weight (only 210 grams), you can take it with you anywhere – your hike, relaxation on the water or in the forest is now comfortable and safe. The active ingredient in fumigators is safe for people and effectively repels mosquitoes.

Where to buy BaseCamp repellents and fumigators in Ukraine?

BaseCamp repellents and fumigators – This is the development of a young Ukrainian brand. All products are developed based on the experience of tourists and company engineers. That's why sleeping mats, furniture and other travel products from BaseCamp are maximally balanced in terms of convenience, durability and ergonomics.

You can buy BaseCamp insect protection on our website. Professional managers will help you select the optimal protection for your adventures, place your order, and delivery services will deliver your purchase as soon as possible to any city in Ukraine.


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