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Bonfire – This is one of the attributes of a cozy evening in nature. And various campfire equipment should be on the mandatory list of essentials. After all, not everyone knows how to start a fire quickly in difficult conditions or during bad weather, since this requires certain skills, experience or special equipment for a fire. Usually in the tourist group there is always one of the experienced tourists who knows how to prepare firewood for a fire, what will burn best and how to find dry branches.

But even if you are not yet such an experienced tourist, don’t worry. In tourist stores you can always pick up products with which you can quickly build a fire, heat up food, or boil water for dinner.


BaseCamp campfire equipment

Sometimes in windy or wet weather it is not possible to start a fire quickly – Sometimes the wood is wet, sometimes the wind blows. Also, a high-quality fire can be problematic in the off-season, when due to constant rains it is difficult to find dry firewood. In such cases, we recommend using some life hacks from experienced tourists: you can use liquid firelighter, dry alcohol, and you can find dry branches at a height, or it can be the core of a dry tree trunk.

In general, to start a fire outdoors, you need to follow these steps:

  • Prepare firewood. For this, the string travel saw BaceCamp Wire Saw will be useful. It is ideal for hiking or camping. Its main feature – it is compact and lightweight, which is only 30 g. This baby will help you cut not only thin branches, but also the trunk of a dry tree. For fans of camping, we recommend buying BaseCamp Paracord Saw chain saw. The sharp teeth effectively cut through wood up to 25cm in diameter, and the soft paracord handles don't chafe your palms. In addition, these folding saws will be an excellent gift for a survivalist or bushcrafter.
  • Light a fire. Hunting matches BaseCamp STOPMPROOF MATCHES are ideal for this. Ordinary household matches often become damp, and the lighter may fail. BaseCamp storm matches, unlike regular ones, do not absorb moisture and burn with the same quality in both calm and windy weather. In addition, they are not afraid of water and can burn even in the rain (unlike firewood). The BaseCamp storm match burns for an average of 25 seconds, during which time you can even dry cod for a fire. Supplied in sealed packages.
  • If the firewood is too wet, you can use lighter fluid – BaseCamp Burning Gel. This is a high-calorie firelighter that will be useful on a hike, camping, picnic or at the cottage. Unlike analogues, it burns without smoke, fire or specific odors. Helps to quickly start a fire in a barbecue, fireplace or classic campfire. BaseCamp produces the firelighter in several formats: a large 500 ml container for fans of camping and summer residents, compact individual sticks for hiking and outdoor recreation, when every gram counts, and packs of sticks that are suitable for any conditions, as well as for large groups or commercial trips.


Dry alcohol: features of use

Lack of conditions for a fire – This is a common occurrence both in the mountains, when you have to spend the night close to the ridge, and in other areas, for example, during military exercises or while the military is performing special tasks. In such cases, we recommend buying dry alcohol BaseCamp Solid Fuel. Hexamine, which forms the basis of dry fuel tablets, gives a fairly high combustion temperature and releases up to 31,300 MJ/kg. That is, such tablets can be used not only to start a fire, but also to heat food on their own.

On average, one such fuel tablet burns from 9 to 11 minutes, but it may not be enough to bring boiling water to a boil. In such cases, several tablets are used at the same time, and to speed up the results it is important to use a windscreen.

One of the advantages of using dry alcohol – absence of smoke and ash, that is, after the combustion of the tablets, no traces remain either on the dishes or on the surface of the earth. Thanks to this, dry fuel is very popular for the military and special forces. Available in packs of 8 pieces or sealed tubes of 12 pieces.

Please note that if storage conditions are met, dry alcohol has an unlimited shelf life.

In addition, for ease of use, the manufacturer offers to buy a Folding burner for dry fuel BaseCamp dry fuel. It does not take up much space, but makes it more convenient to use methenamine tablets. It can be a tablet holder, a basic windbreak and a hotplate at the same time.


Gas for BaseCamp burners

Gas burners and integrated cooking systems – This is a modern alternative to the classic campfire. It's convenient, fast and environmentally friendly since you don't have to worry about dry wood or how to start a fire when it rains. In addition, when using a camping burner, you do not leave any traces in nature.

Therefore, the Ukrainian manufacturer of travel equipment offers to buy BaseCamp gas cylinders. The assortment includes options for threaded fastening to the burner and Gas Cartridge

Feature of tourist gas BaseCamp – It is a propane-isobutane-butane mixture suitable for four-season use. This fuel has high calorific characteristics and behaves well at temperatures down to -11C.


Where to buy everything you need for a fire in Ukraine?

BaseCamp campfire equipment is presented on our website. Here you can familiarize yourself with the assortment in detail, select everything you need and buy dry alcohol, tourist gas and lighter fluid. Our consultants will help you with choosing and placing your order, and delivery services will deliver your purchase as soon as possible to any city in Ukraine.

In addition, our online store offers sleeping mats, camping furniture, repellents, as well as equipment care products.


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